Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to explore strange old quotes, to seek out new sayings, and new ways of stating them in a galaxy not so far away. [Listen to our podcast at thequotablespodcast.libsyn.com ]

Episode Guide

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TQ 1: Assassinations
Ed-ymology: Assassination

TQ 2: Electioneering
History: Presidential Campaign Slogans
Ed-ymology: Gerrymander

TQ3: Remembrance
History: Veteran's Day
Guess Who's Coming to Podcast: A Petite Princess
Shakes It Up: Macbeth

TQ4: Emancipation
Hall of Fame: Abraham Lincoln
Holiday: Thanksgiving

TQ5: Ew-logy
Television: Larry Hagman
Ed-ymology: Eulogy

TQ6: Yodatations
Hooray for Hollywood: Yoda

TQ7: Facebooking
Facebook Says So: Carlin, RFK, The Usual Suspects

TQ8: Newtown
Newtown Shootings

TQ9: Moonwalking
History: Neil Armstrong
Ed-ymology: Breakfast

History: MLK
Facebook Says So: Music

TQ11: Nevermore
Poetry: Poe and Frost
History: Axis of Evil
Songs: We Are the World

TQ12: Romantilicious
Hooray for Hollywood: Unusual "I love you" lines

TQ13: Inalienable
Hooray for Hollywood: Racist Princess Leia
World Wide Web: Kid President and Sweet Brown

TQ14: Francis
History: Francis of Assisi

TQ15: Stewardship
History: Pope John Paul II

TQ16: Save-ology
Experts: Suze Orman

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